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2rike Prototype

The 2rike prototype is now complete and on the road, it has exceeded all expectations and drives like a true sports car. I am constantly testing and developing new ideas on it.

The 2rike prototype is very much hand built to suit me, it has a fixed driving position with no adjustment, essentially itís a vehicle to test and prove the many unique features and concept of the 2rike.

2rike production

I am now working on the next stage, which is a batch of three chassis/body kits that will be to the same high specification as the prototype, but with more leg room and an adjustable pedal box.

I am looking to make the kit as cost-effective as possible by using more laser cut parts, assembly fixtures and the economy of scale of producing 3 chassis /body kits. I hope to offer them for sale later in the year.

2rike production update

After an intensive six months of production engineering with new build jigs and fixtures made to facilitate the production of the new 130mm longer 2rike that can now cater for taller drivers up to 6 foot tall.
The first of the three chassis/body panel kits is now ready for sale.

2rike R1 Chassis/body panel Kit @ £4500

Please email for the kit details